ABC Activities in TK (by Mrs. Jenny Hemmings)

The TK classroom is a fun place to learn!   The students spend their days practicing skills such as cutting, gluing, building, playing, and the ABC’s. In TK the students are introduced to a new letter every week. During that week the students get to practice the letter with many fun activities. One of these is a letter craft. The students have fun guessing what the object will be and then creating it.  For example, they made an elephant for the letter E and a train for the letter T. By the end of the year each student will have a keepsake alphabet letter book.


TK stands for Transitional Kindergarten. TK emphasizes foundational skills and can be thought of as the first year of a two-year kindergarten experience, for students who are eligible. 

Even though the students are young, they are not too young to practice discipleship, character, and engagement. The ABC activities are just one way that TK students engage in learning. TK students practice problem solving and critical thinking as they navigate the new challenges of the classroom environment. Simple activities, like building, require the students to innovate and solve problems, often in collaboration with their peers. The ABC activities and alphabet books are an early literacy experience that contributes to success in reading. These early experiences set the students up for success at all levels at St. Paul’s Lutheran School and beyond!