Digging for Dinosaur Bones (by Mrs. Lofink)

In science, the 2nd grade started the year by studying how people grow and change. We then moved on to earth’s resources and how we use them in everyday life. In class, we talked about how we use rocks, soil, and water. The second graders began to realize how important natural resources are and we discussed ways to take care of them. 

Recently, we started our chapter on how the earth was long ago. We have been talking about fossils and even made some of our own prints out of playdough. Then we had the opportunity to be a paleontologist and figure out what made the imprint. They had fun trying to fool their classmates. As we saw pictures and studied fossils further, it amazed us how old some of the fossils turned out to be. 

This week, we used our paleontologist tools to chip away at the rock to find some dinosaur bones. We had to be careful as we chipped away and used a brush to clean the pieces off. You also have to have patience and endurance when digging for dinosaur bones. If we were careless, we might chip or break the dinosaur bones. Some of us enjoyed this process and some of us decided we will try another profession. 

All of our 2nd graders were successful and found their dinosaur bones. Some of the different dinosaur bones we found were seismosaurus, stegoceras, triceratops, tyrannosaurus, stegosaurus, and diplodocus. There was a lot of excitement as we discovered our dinosaur bones. Some classmates had to help others out because the dinosaur bones were so well preserved. We now know what it is like to be a paleontologist.