Esports Exploratory (by Mrs. Robin Gomes and Esports Students)

St. Paul’s Lutheran School endeavors to be at the forefront of technological innovation and engagement for our students. Panther students have the opportunity to work with a variety of devices and applications, and can participate in STEM, robotics, and 3D printing lessons and activities. 

One of our desired outcomes for our students is that they are ENGAGED learners. This means that students are able to collaborate with their peers, develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills, and develop and apply technical skills. Although technology is a part of this goal, it is used within the context of collaboration, critical thinking, and problem solving. There are many ways for students to be engaged without technology, but sometimes technology is the appropriate tool for the lesson or activity, and technology can really enhance the students’ experiences!

During the 3rd Quarter of the 2021-2022 school year, St. Paul’s partnered with XP LEAGUE of North Orange County to offer a pilot program in esports. Esports is a highly structured and competitive video gaming experience that is gaining popularity around the world! In order to decide if esports would remain part of the educational program at St. Paul’s, we had to ensure that esports helps students to achieve our desired goals and outcomes.  

By the end of the quarter, the esports students were able to explain how participating in esports had helped them grow as ENGAGED learners. Students have to collaborate with their teammates, work as a team, and know their positions. They develop their communication skills as they talk through the game and ask their teammates for help. As critical thinkers and problem solvers, teammates work together to develop a strategy to beat their opponents. They practice good sportsmanship and work together to accomplish a shared objective. Students develop perseverance as they work to struggle through difficult games. Finally, students reported that the esports class helps them build a sense of community with their peers.

Esports students are learning all these skills, and having a great time, too! St. Paul’s even had the opportunity to play in matches against other schools during their exploratory period. After such a successful pilot class this quarter, we look forward to expanding the program during the 4th quarter. Whether you are a beginner or experienced gamer, you are welcome to grow as an engaged learner in the esports class!