Walk Through the Ancient World (by Mrs. Mattoon)

A Walk Through the Ancient World is an on campus field trip offered by California Weekly Explorer . The 6th grade students are immersed in Ancient Egypt, Ancient Greece and Ancient Rome. Each student transforms into a character from within one of the three civilizations. They memorize the character’s name and information, while also dressing as the character with the assigned props. Each civilization group works together to create a skit covering 12 identified topics for either Egypt, Greece, or Rome. California Weekly Explorer provides a facilitator to direct the day with games and activities. The cost is worth the outcome. St. Paul’s alumni, when asked about sixth grade, all mention what character they played in Walk Through the Ancient World. Students are encouraged to be creative and collaborative while also fostering vocabulary development. This  day of activity and engagement reinforces 15 Social Studies State Standards. The curriculum takes a month of study and planning and strengthening communication and presentation skills. This is a valuable experience for our 6th grade students.