Student Support and Intervention Program:

Our purpose is to work with students identified with unique learning differences using small group, skill-based instruction, targeting individual student needs.  St. Paul’s has two levels of support. Some students enrolled in our school have classroom accommodations which assist in academic achievement in the general education classroom.  When a student requires additional support, it may be determined by the Student Support Team that the student be enrolled in the Student Support Program, and annual academic goals will be specified in an Individualized Education Plan.

An Individualized Education Plan including annual goals and accommodations is created for each student enrolled in the Student Support Program.  This annual plan is established according to the student’s individual learning needs, considering past student records including grades, standardized test scores, and school-wide screener results, along with a Psychological-Educational Evaluation report given privately or through the public school system. Students enrolled in our Student Support Program receive academic assistance through both push-in and pull-out models.  Our Student Support Staff work with the students in their classrooms during Language Arts and Mathematics instruction (push-in), as well as twice per week in a small group in the Student Support classroom (pull-out). During their time outside of the general education classroom, the students have the opportunity to focus on their annual academic goals utilizing research-based interventions. Additionally, students have the opportunity to have a quiet place for testing in our Student Support classroom.   Furthermore, students are given classroom accommodations to further promote their success in the general education setting.

Student Support Staff:

Christina Carrillo is the Student Support Coordinator at St. Paul’s.  She began her career in Lutheran Education at St Paul's ECDC, where she was on staff from 2007-2015.  Mrs. Carrillo has her BA through the School of Education from Concordia University, Irvine, and a credential and MA in Special Education through Chapman University. After completing school, she returned to St. Paul’s in her new position.  Mrs. Carrillo works with students enrolled in the Student Support Program using small group instruction, targeting the identified challenges of each individual student. Mrs. Carrillo’s responsibilities include preparing and implementing Individualized Education Plans for Student Support Program students, as well as creating accommodation plans for all students enrolled at St. Paul’s who qualify.  

Mrs. Jenny Hemmings graduated from Concordia University, Nebraska with her teaching credential in 1994.  Before joining the Student Support and Intervention Program, Mrs. Hemmings taught 3rd and 1st grade in Lutheran schools.  She has 14 years of teaching experience. Mrs. Hemmings goes into the students’ classrooms, ensuring students comprehend the curriculum and are on task while in their general education classes, as well as assists with instruction in the Student Support classroom.  She has a heart for the students, and works diligently to provide each child she works with opportunities to meet their academic goals.

Mrs. Dargatz received her degree from Cal State Fullerton in 1983. She has taught various grade levels through the years, although, she primarily taught third grade. Mrs. Dargatz was moved to become more engaged in student support and intervention, when her own son needed an IEP throughout primary and secondary education. She especially enjoys helping younger children develop into emergent readers. Mrs. Dargatz is blessed to work with our international students that are enrolled at St. Paul's.