Pep Rallies (by Mrs. Reilly Greenwood)

St. Paul’s has completely revamped our pep rallies this year! Our Servant Leadership Team has been working hard to come up with new and exciting ways to raise school spirit and support our sports teams.


First things first: we changed the dress code! Each grade level dresses in a specific color. This encourages team bonding and helps us decipher who belongs to what grade level when competing in games.

K- Rainbow

1st- Red

2nd- Orange

3rd- Yellow

4th- Green

5th- Blue

6th- Purple

7th- White

8th- Black 


Tutus, capes, socks, and hats, are only some of the fun items students and faculty sport on pep rally days!


The next big change we have implemented in our pep rallies is SLT's involvement in planning which games the students will play. SLT meets frequently to share ideas and vote on which challenges the students will compete in. SLT students have to collaborate and problem solve as they think of creative games that all students and staff will enjoy and that are accessible to many ages. Some of the games played this year include a bottle flipping contest, balloon races, and extreme connect four. SLT also hosts the rallies. They take turns as MC as the rest of the team demonstrate and set up the games. It is so exciting to watch as our students take ownership and pride in our school rallies.


At each rally there is one student selected from each homeroom to represent their grade and compete in each rally. There are two student games and one game the teachers compete in (a crowd favorite). The grade with the most points at the end of the rally will win. The winner of our rally gets to take the spirit stick back to their classroom! Our Fall Sports Rally victor was 8th grade. Our Winter Sports Rally ended in an exciting tie game in which 2nd grade beat 8th grade after battling it out in an intense round of rock paper scissors. We can’t wait to see who will take home the spirit stick at our final rally of the year!