History of Film Intersession (by Mr. Gomes)

At the end of each quarter, students have the opportunity to take “Intersession” courses. Intersessions are an enriching part of our Exploratory program that allow students to experience week-long intensive study of various engaging topics.  St. Paul’s offers classes in the arts, technology, logic, and pop culture areas, including drone building, technology trouble-shooting, art, probability-based and strategic games, STEM, Disney history, cake decorating, world cultures, and more. 

One of the courses that the students can choose is History of Film. Students learn about early film such as the work of Charlie Chaplin and Buster Keaton.  Students also learn about how movie-making has changed over the years. The culminating project is for students to create their own silent films. The movies are filmed in the “backlot” of “Gomesaversal Studios” (aka The Playground). The students work collaboratively to develop a storyboard for their film. The groups use technology innovatively to film and edit their videos, including music.  The students have fun while practicing collaborative and communication skills and using media that apply to their other classes as well.