Art Studio Mantra (by Mrs. Ashley Klitzing)

How does one improve in…well, anything?  Through practice, of course!

Becoming a better artist also takes practice - lots of it.  It’s easy for students to get down on themselves when their focus is on being perfect rather than on the act of creating.  Just like a student can grow in their ability through practice, they can also grow their positivity. One of the ways we work to do this in the Art Studio is by reciting and motioning positive affirmations, which we call our MANTRA. 

Simply stated, a mantra is a statement or slogan repeated frequently.  The more students say it, the more they believe it!  Everyone needs some positive affirmation once in a while.  A mantra is a simple and effective affirmation to inspire students to be their best selves.

Here are just a few benefits of reciting a mantra in the classroom:

  1. Mantras teach students to use positive self-talk, encouraging high self-esteem and optimism
  2. Mantras create a memorable routine of how Art class begins (Believe me - if I forget the mantra, the students let me know!)
  3. Mantras encourage a sense of community as we speak powerful words together
  4. Mantras help students take ownership of their mindset (Students can use the mantra anywhere - not just in Art class!)

Our Art Studio mantra is a simple but powerful one, with motions to go with it.  It goes like this:

MY MANTRA (point to ourselves)

I AM CREATIVE (point to our brain)

I AM RESILIENT (flex our arms)

I AM POSITIVE (two thumbs up)

I AM AWESOME (hang loose signs)

I AM AN ARTIST! (both arms up, bow, the students really make this line their own!)

After we say our mantra, we are focused and ready to create with a positive mindset.  It is my prayer that students internalize this mantra as they continue to grow into the people God is calling them to be;  the best versions of themselves, for His glory!


You can watch students recites the Art Studio Mantra here: Art Studio Mantra. Enjoy!