Election Day at St. Paul's (by Mrs. Guebert)

As part of a unit on elections, on Tuesday, November 5th, the second grade social studies students presented an all school vote. Second grade students worked together to set up a real voting booth, print ballots, and use a patriotic ballot box. Many second graders demonstrated leadership and volunteerism by giving up their recesses to be poll workers, engaging with one another and across the grade levels with both older and younger students! Everyone was invited to give their opinion on whether or not the United States should keep using the penny. Second grade students also researched and learned about countries, such as Canada, that have discontinued minting pennies. Around campus you could find campaign posters designed by second grade students urging voters to cast their ballots for or against pennies!


Kindergartners through 8th graders weighed in, as did several staff members. As it turned out, most people have strong feelings about this issue, and it was fantastic to see democracy at work at St. Paul’s Lutheran School!

If the vote at St. Paul’s is any indication of the way most Americans feel about this issue, the penny will be around for a long, long time!