Robotics Exploratory (by Mr. Wayne Waterman)

At St. Paul's students have the opportunity to take a Robotics Exploratory class.  Students are introduced to the basics of robot building using NXT Lego Robots.  Once the robots are built the students then program them to accomplish different tasks.  The tasks range from maneuvering through an obstacle course, to finding its way out of a maze, and even the end of the quarter robot battle.  

The Robotics Exploratory introduces students to the basics of engineering and coding.  The students are continually adding different sensors and mechanical arms to their robots depending on what each task’s new challenges are. Each challenge then requires adjustments to the programming.  This requires the students to be able to make adjustments and utilize problem solving skills.

The Robotics Exploratory introduces students to an awareness of S.T.E.A.M (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics) so they can continue to explore this subject in high school.