Dance Program (by Miss Julia Klein)

5,6,7,8 DANCE! Did you know that St. Paul’s is the only school in Orange County that offers dance for every grade level from preschool all the way to middle school? This unique enrichment program allows students in every grade to participate throughout the year with the opportunity to perform at the Winter and Spring Show! 

Below are the various programs that are offer for each grade level:

Preschool- Twistin’ Tots

TK-1st- Mini Glee 

2nd-4th- Glee

TK-4th- Jazz Technique

5th-8th- Panther Pom 

6th-8th- Dance Exploratory 

TK-4th- Blue Crew

Not only is dance a fun and healthy activity, but it also helps to promote developmental skills, positive self-esteem, commitment and teamwork. Dancers not only use their bodies, but also their brains as they have to remember choreography and know how to make their bodies move a certain way. We strive to create a safe environment for students to express their feelings through movement and feel confident about themselves. Dance is a highly social activity in which students work together and encourage one another while learning routines to perform at the shows. By working together throughout the year they gain the confidence to perform as a team on stage. Dance helps to alleviate fears of those that may feel anxious about performing in front of an audience.  There are so many unexpected ways that dance benefits the growth of children! 

Throughout the year students work on choreography in preparation for the Winter and Spring Show. Each year there are about 130 students participating in the show, bringing in approximately 700 audience members! While on stage, dancers get to demonstrate the knowledge learned and personal growth from year to year. It is amazing to see all of the students show their God given talents with such grace and confidence throughout the 12 years that we have offered this program. 

Psalm 149:3 “Let them praise his name with dancing and make music to him”