Instrumental Music (by Mr. Jack Lara)

Music is all around us. It’s a part of our daily lives. Learning to play an instrument is no easy task and it requires many hours of practice. Students are given the opportunity here at St. Paul’s to pick up an instrument at a young age and begin the journey of self-discipline and artistic expression.

After taking a year off from playing last year, Band is once again in full swing. Band is a multifaceted activity that offers so much to a young developing mind and can be integral in the educational growth of the students here at St. Paul’s.

Music is a language of its own and each student must learn to read and interpret this language on their instruments. Maneuvering through the challenges of this process allows the students to develop their problem solving and critical thinking skills. Building the capacity of this individual effort is only half of the challenge. As they improve their musicianship, they then apply their skills on a collaborative level as they play as a whole. Much like our congregation coming together and serving the Lord as ONE body, these students piece together their individual voices to play as one band. 

Innovation would not be possible without a creative platform and we are proud to offer a full range Band Program here at St. Paul's!