The Elementary Curriculum of St. Paul’s Lutheran School recognizes the pupil as a redeemed child of God, and as such, helps him/her in his/her total development.  The school identifies students as coming from various backgrounds and experiences, and as such, realizes that children construct their own knowledge through past experiences and through thinking about their experiences.
The Elementary Curriculum provides for:
          *       Grade appropriate concepts, value schemes, skills, and attitudes;
          *       Instructional methodologies which are consistent with the student's ability to solve problems by thinking critically and creatively;
          *       Evaluation strategies which are appropriate for measuring legitimate applications of concepts and skills which evolve from content, process, and various behavioral outcomes;
          *       A learning environment appropriate for helping children grow according to their individual abilities, interests, and needs through a wide range of learning activities, i.e., reinforcers;
          *       A learning environment appropriate for enhancing the child's understanding of God, Bible, church, family, others, God's world, and the final relationship which is that of the child with him/herself (self image).




First and foremost, anything we do at St. Paul’s will be in alignment of God’s word. As a private, Christ-centered school, we are not bound to state and national standards. That does not mean we will not find the best practice out of research based theory and curriculum to meet our students' needs. Our curriculum will continue to be rigorous, developmentally appropriate, and compliant with our philosophy and major outcomes.

As the discussion around standards continues, it is important to clarify the role that standards play in the design of learning for students. Standards articulate what students should know and be able to do upon meeting the outcomes for a course. However, standards do not dictate how to teach nor what specific materials to include in a course of study.

We also believe curriculum is not driven by a textbook, it is standards, research based materials, and quality Christian teachers.

At St. Paul’s School we believe that we have responsibility to prepare our students for life and work in the modern world. We recognize that many of our graduates go onto local high schools, and we are a strong feeder school to Lutheran High in Orange.

Each year, a majority of our students obtain a GPA of 3.5+ and then go onto excel at our local schools and move on to the pursuit of a college degree. The development of six skills - creativity, collaboration, critical thinking, communication, cultural awareness and character - is essential for the 21st century learner and embedded in the St. Paul’s curriculum in grades K through 8.


Our purpose is to educate our students where they are at and develop those skills so they can continue in lifelong learning. We want to nurture our children with love, provide rigorous curriculum that includes a means to enhance our major outcomes. Upon completion of implementation of a strong philosophy, values, mission, and faith based belief; we pray that each child is prepared and equipped to share the love of Christ as their Savior.