Parenting Tips/Resources

The Counseling department at St. Paul's Lutheran School values and believes strongly in the partnership with families in raising the children God has entrusted in our care. It is our goal to make sure we provide all of our families with the resources they need to help their children live in the light of Jesus. Below you will find some resources that will assist you.

Homework strategies to help your child:
1.   Plan study time with a schedule. Just as your child has a schedule at school, it is important to have a schedule to follow outside of school. This includes after school, before school, and on weekends. Scheduling time to study each day will help your child keep track of the many things he needs to do as well as help him to learn the best times of the day to study.
•Look ahead to see what needs to be accomplished in the next day, week, and month.
•Be realistic when estimating the time it will take to complete an assignment or project.

2. Prioritize with a to-do list. This helps to visualize what is most important: item number one should be the most important thing to do, number two, next most important, etc. It also helps him to plan his time most efficiently. There is always a sense of accomplishment when items are marked as “done!”
•Write out a to-do list each day.
•The list should include homework assignments, activities, chores, and plans with friends.
•The list should be posted in your house where it can be easily and frequently viewed.