Admissions Info

Choosing a school is one of the most important decisions you will make in the life of your child. We are so glad to have the opportunity to share St. Paul’s Early Childhood Development Center, affectionately known as the ECDC, with you. Your child will spend a lot of time under the influence and guidance of teachers and a program that will profoundly affect growth and development. Selecting a school that will reinforce your values about education, as well as life in this world and in eternity, is vital. Thank you for exploring how St. Paul’s ECDC could successfully partner with you, as we find faith, provide a firm foundation and a forever family, both here on earth and in heaven.


Like you, we care about the full development of your child. Our objective is to provide a high quality education in a loving, Christian environment. We guide students in all areas of development:


Spiritual        Cognitive        Social        Emotional        Physical        Work Habits        Communication


God has created each child as a unique individual. We help students discover their own God-given talents, reach for their potential, and grow into confident and faithful members of God’s family.

At St. Paul’s ECDC we offer:

  • A Christ Centered Learning Community
  • A Nurturing, Creative Environment
  • Loving, Dedicated Christian Teachers
  • A Solid Curriculum that Prepares Children for Kindergarten
  • Full and Part Day Schedules with Many Learning Opportunities
  • Christian Character Development


Your child is depending on you to provide the right environment in which they can grow. As an accredited preschool (NLSA), with highly qualified and certified Christian teachers, St. Paul’s ECDC can help you achieve that goal. The office is available for any questions that you may have about our school. We would value the opportunity to meet with you and see that you receive a tour of our campus.