Above and Beyond

"It sounded like a nightmare to me, but she had it all worked out for kids to be recording while the other groups arrived and so on.  My girls have been a part of dance since the ECDC, and it's been a major part of their St. Paul's experience. So thank you, Julia, for making it happen even in this madness.
And then we had Sunday!  It was absolutely amazing. The girls were both completely bought in and from what I heard, so were their classmates.  I can't believe all the time and energy you guys put into that whole experience.  I brought my folks, and we just couldn't believe it! I was excited to see my kids only, but when we drove through, I enjoyed every part of it, even the sections without [my] girls.  😉 
So I just wanted to thank you guys. This has been a crazy year, and you guys just keep killing it. Thank you for teaching our girls.  Thank you for making this year amazing for them.  It hasn't felt like an "off" year, if that makes sense. For my girls they are just as happy this year, and they don't feel like they're missing anything. You are giving them an amazing school year.  They are continually learning about Jesus and that alone makes St. Paul's worth it.  But then you go above and beyond. 
I can't thank you guys enough.  I know that you are working yourselves to the bone.  I hope you have a good break and get some time to be with family and friends. You deserve it!"