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Pop Tops

This is a great, yet very simple way that St. Paul's can help our community. Save your pop tops/pull tabs off aluminum cans and turn them into the school office. We will deliver them to the Orange Ronald MacDonald House on Batavia. The idea behind the Orange County Ronald McDonald House is simple: provide a comfortable and affordable “home away from home” for families shouldering the burdens associated with a child who is being treated at a nearby hospital. See this note from their website about Pop Top Collection and how it helps them help families: "An easy way to help the Orange County Ronald McDonald House is to collect pop tabs for recycling. It’s a great fundraising project for scout troops, civic groups, schools, and churches. Since our collection drive started in 1998, we have raised over $77,000 from recycling pop tabs. The money earned (100 percent of it) goes to offset the costs of running the Orange County Ronald McDonald House."
For more information please visit the Orange Ronald McDonald Web Site at: