Yearbook Exploratory (by Mrs. Carrillo)

A new exploratory class available to our St. Paul’s middle school students in the 2019-2020 school year is the Yearbook Exploratory.  The class has 17 students enrolled who are responsible for creating and compiling the 2019-2020 St. Paul’s Yearbook. Each student in the class made a commitment last year to participate in this year-long class, whereas the other exploratory classes rotate each quarter.  

Yearbook students have learned elements of photography, and are able to practice their photography skills in various settings during the school year.  Each student has opportunities to experience hands-on learning by using high-quality cameras. The class is able to attend school activities that they might not normally go to, in order to take photos for the yearbook.  

In addition to taking photos of campus events, the students participate in photo treasure hunts throughout the school year.  There have been different focuses of these treasure hunts, where the students are able to show their creativity through their photos and photo captions.  We have had treasure hunts that have shown the students’ knowledge of elements of photography, school culture, and figurative language/idioms.  

The students also spend time interviewing members of our St. Paul’s community.  Although it is important that our yearbook have quality photos and compelling captions on a nice layout of a page, it needs more than that!  The yearbook also needs to have memories of the staff and students. The students create interview questions and surveys, and must practice their social and communication skills through interviewing students of all ages, as well as staff members on campus.  

Most importantly, our yearbook team enjoys our time working together!