Instrumental Music (by Mr. Lara)

Music is all around us. It’s a part of our daily lives. Learning to play an instrument is no easy task and it requires many hours of practice. Students are given the opportunity here at St. Paul’s to pick up an instrument at a young age and begin the journey of self-discipline and artistic expression.

The Instrumental Band Program at St. Paul’s is comprised of approximately 70 students and, depending on their grade level and experience, are divided into three ensembles: Beginning, Intermediate, and Advanced Bands. 

Having just completed their Winter Concert on January 15th, this year’s group have all progressed quite nicely and have been working hard to develop their skills in order to gain group and individual responsibility, social interaction, self-motivation, and an overall appreciation of the different elements of music. 

The Beginning Band is mainly made of 3rd and 4th graders and these students spend most of the year playing simple melodies as they learn the notes and aesthetics of their instruments. They only perform in the Winter and Spring concerts. 

Intermediate Band students step it up a notch by playing longer range music with increasing difficulty as they are introduced to the standard band literature as well as playing arrangements of popular songs. This band participates in the Orange Lutheran Instrumental Music Invitational as well as the Winter and Spring concerts. 

After a few years of hard work and practice, middle school students in the Advanced Band have the opportunity to perform a wide range of musical selections for many events in and around St. Paul’s. These include pep assemblies, the OLu Instrumental Music Invitational, district honor band, church services, Special Friends’ Day, as well as the concerts with Beginning and Intermediate Bands.

“May my life be like a finely tuned instrument upon which the Master musician creates a melody that brings His peace to all who hear.”   -Musician’s Prayer